Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedure documents listed below have been created and approved by the Board of Trustees to ensure the smooth and successful operation of the school as well as to make sure the school meets its legal obligations.  A full list of our policies and procedures are available at the School Office.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact the Board Chairperson or the Principal.

Policies and Procedures

Tokomaru School Policies and Procedures

1.1 Curriculum Delivery Policy

1.1.1 Home Learning Procedure

1.1.2 Preparing for School Procedure

1.1.3 Reporting to Parents Procedure

1.1.6 Ag Day Procedure

1.1.7 Library Procedure

1.1.8 EOTC Procedure

1.1.9 Learning Support Procedure

1.1.9 Learning Support Flow Chart

1.1.10 GATE Procedure

Bright Child vs. Gifted Learner Chart by Janice Szabos

1.1.12 CRE Religious Education Procedure

1.2 Equity:Equal Educational Opportunity Policy

2.1 Planning, Self Review & Reporting Policy

3.1 Personnel Policy

3.1.1 Staff Appraisal Procedure

3.1.3 Staff Appointment Procedure

3.1.4 Staff Disciplinary Procedure

3.1.5 Allocation of Units Procedure

3.1.6 Complaints Procedure

3.1.6 (a) Complaints Flow Diagram

3.1.7 Classroom Release Time

3.1.8 Discretionary Leave

3.1.9 Protected Disclosures Procedure

3.1.10 Theft & Fraud Prevention Procedure

3.1.11 Child Abuse Allegations Against Employees Procedures

3.1.12 Principal Appraisal

3.1.13 Performance Management Procedure

4.1 Financial & Property Asset Management Policy

4.1.1 Staff Reimbursement Procedure

4.2 Sensitive Expenditure Policy

4.3 Property Management and Use of Buildings Policy

4.3.1 Minor Capital Works Procedure

4.3.2 Use of School Swimming Pool Procedure

5.1 Health and Safety

5.1.1 Adminstrating Oral Medication Procedure

5.1.1 Administering Oral Medication Form

5.1.2 Sun Smart Policy

5.1.3 Cycle Safety Procedure

5.1.4 Accidents Procedure

5.1.5 Child Protection POLICY

5.2 Emergency & Crisis Management

5.2.1 Emergency Drill Record

5.2.1 Tokomaru School Emergency Management Plan 2016

5.3 Cyber-Safety Policy

5.3.1 Cybersafety Policy – Student Procedure

5.3.2 Cybersafety Policy – Staff Procedure

Staff ICT User Agreement

Student ICT User Agreement

Bring Your Own Device Guidelines 2017

5.4 Promoting Positive Behaviour Policy

5.4.1 Restricted Playground Record Sheet

5.4.2 Behaviour Flowchart

5.4.3 Tokomaru Tamariki Treaty

5.4.4 TTT Token Explanation

6.1 Legislation and Regulations Policy

7.1 Community Partnerships Policy

7.1.1 Consultation Procedure

7.2 Treaty of Waitangi Policy

7.3 Uniforms Policy


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