Principal:  Mrs Sonia Mudgway


Room 1  Year 0-1 Teacher & Deputy Principal : Miss Mel Scott

Bismark, Mel-01

Part-time Release Teacher (Room 1): Mrs Viv Wimms

Room 2 Teacher & Team Leader: Mrs Jacqui Frost

Frost, Jacqui-01

Room 3 Year 4-6 Teacher: Mrs Jan Green

(photo to come)

Room 4  Year 6-8 Teacher: Miss Sara-Lee Armstrong

Armstrong, Sara-Lee-02

Room 5 Year 2-3 Teacher: Mrs Anne Bartlett & Mrs Viv Wimms .

(photos to come)

Office Manager: Mrs Christine Earle

Earle, Christine-01

Gardener & Teacher Aide: Deborah Phillips

(photo to come)

Teacher Aide: Ronnie Parsons

(photo to come)

Teacher Aide: Hayley Westrupp

(photo to come)

Teacher Aide: Renee Fitisemanu

Fitisemanu, Renee-01

Librarians: Mrs Pam Moore & Katrina Lawton

Moore, Pam-01  (photo to come)

Cleaner: Serrena Tassell

Tassell, Serrena-01

Caretaker:  Anton Williams

Williams, Anton-01


The Board of Trustees has a governance role and sets the vision for the school. By assisting and supporting the Principal, the Board helps define the long term aspirations and strategies of the school.

Primarily the Board is accountable for student achievement and must provide an environment for the delivery of quality educational outcomes. The Board also has specific responsibility for policy, finance, property, health and safety, discipline and the employment and remuneration of senior staff.

The Principal manages the school’s day-to-day operations. This involves allocating responsibilities to staff, involves parents, staff and the school community in developing educational objectives, prepares and implements with the Board a strategic plan to achieve these objectives, selects staff, implements staff training and reviews staff performance. The Principal reports to the Board on learning outcomes and other aspects of school operation.

The Board’s role is to:

  • Create a vision for the school’s future alongside the Principal
  • Be curriculum focused and “hands off” day to day management
  • Review and audit school policies and the Charter
  • Review and approve a strategic plan each year
  • Set a budget and monitor the school’s financial position.
  • Deal with complaints and disciplinary matters referred by the Principal
  • Review the Principal’s performance and management of the school
  • Ensure the school communicates effectively with the community.


Board Chair:   Matt Henry

Deputy Chair & Treasurer: Dave Lawton

Parent Trustees: Wayne Richards, Deborah Phillips & Vince Fletcher

Staff Trustee: Mel Scott

Principal: Sonia Mudgway



Chair: Marie Henry

Vice Chair/Grants Officer: Katrina Lawton

Secretary: Mardi Windleborn

Treasurer: Rebecca Louth

Staff Rep: Jacqui Frost

Principal: Sonia Mudgway

and the Tokomaru School Community.

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