Our Vision


Where Children Achieve Excellence


Tokomaru School is committed to empowering students to achieve personal excellence in a learning culture that equips them for an evolving world.

Pillars of Learning for a successful Graduate Learner 

Literacy and Numeracy – Our Graduate Learners will be literate, numerate and apply their learning in their world to reach their potential.

Goal Setting – Our Graduate Learners will be self-motivated, set goals, manage and value their learning.

Questioning – Our Graduate Learners will inquire, ask questions and think for themselves as independent learners.

Manakitanga – Our Graduate Learners will demonstrate care for self and others in their interactions with their learning environment.

The World – Our Graduate Learners will be respectful, engaging of, inquires into and is aware of other cultures and global issues.

Ownership – Our Graduate Learners will have the power to act, have a sense of ownership and be the one’s executing and controlling their actions.


Core Values

  • We respect and treat others how we like to be treated ourselves.
  • We care for property and the environment.
  • We respect the right to have an education.
  • We understand knowledge is power.
  • We know questioning drives learning.
  • We realise goals guide learning.
  • We seek independent thinking.
  • We follow great role models.
  • We celebrate our academic, sporting, cultural and personal successes.
  • We love learning and knowledge.
  • We welcome others to our school.


School Values

Honesty      Respect      Responsibility      Perseverance

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