Our Vision


Where Children Achieve Excellence


Tokomaru School is committed to empowering students to achieve personal excellence in a learning culture that equips them for an evolving world.

Core Values

Honesty                            – we are honest with ourselves, others and our learning

Responsibility                – we respect ourselves, others and property

Respect                             – we take responsibility for learning and behaviour in our school

Perseverance                 – we never give up  


To achieve our Vision and Values at Tokomaru School we have our Learner Pathway.

Learner Pathway; The Toko Train

The Learner Pathway is a set of progressions that aims to develop our students from “Dependent” Learners into “Self-Agent” Learners. This learning journey equips our students with the required skills to graduate from being solely dependent on teacher instruction to becoming self-driven, self-agent learners who have ownership of their learning and behaviour. Moving through this pathway, students will learn skills that will enable them to become successful lifelong learners.

As our students progress along The Learner Pathway they earn trust and are rewarded with more choice and freedom in their learning. Students appreciate and value this ownership, creating intrinsically motivated students who strive to reach Self-Agent status.

A Year 8 Self-Agent Leaver will be a positive role model. They will demonstrate kindness and empathy, and have the skills to:

  1. Seek and receive feedback and act on it
  2. See mistakes as part of learning
  3. Set their next learning goal
  4. Manage their time efficiently
  5. Work independently and collaboratively
  6. Find and use the appropriate tools and resources for the task
  7. Communicate in a variety of situations
  8. Actively seek further knowledge
  9. Take on new challenges
  10. Take on a support role or a leadership role

Learner Pathway; Year 8 Self-Agent Leaver



Learner Pathway; Self-Agent Station

SA Station.jpg

(A copy of our Learner Pathway Parent Booklet is available from the office.)

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