New Enrolments

Welcome to Tokomaru School.

As your child heads for birthday number five, school becomes an important topic. Is our child ready for school? Which school? What is the teacher like?

A positive start to school life is vital for future success. With a little preparation you can ensure your child is ready to face the new opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

We welcome you to Tokomaru School and invite you to take advantage of the ‘open door’ policy we have.  We work hard to ensure that each child has a successful transition to school, giving them the best possible start.


Pre-enrolling your child is quick and easy.  All you need to do is contact Sonia Mudgway or Christine Earle and ask for your child to be put on the pre-enrolment list.  You will be asked for their full name, date of birth and a contact phone number and address.  Pre-enrolling your child means that we know they are coming and can be prepared for their arrival.

Transition Sessions

Transition sessions are periods in the classroom which we encourage your child to attend before they turn 5 in readiness for starting school.

If you are on the pre-enrolment list, about six weeks before your child is due to start school, their prospective classroom teacher will make contact and organise with you a series of visits.  There are at least four visits – actual time and duration is arranged in consultation with you and depends on the needs of your own child.

If your child starts school and their fifth birthday is before 1st July  they are classified as Year One.  If your child starts on July 1st or later they are classified as Year Zero.

The first day at school as a five year old

What do I need to bring and do?

When your child turns five and arrives for their first day at school, you will need to fill in the school enrolment form.  Our Office Manager, Christine can help you with this.

You will need to bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate so that we can verify the date of birth.  We are also required to maintain a register of immunisation status for all children, so you will need to bring your child’s immunisation certificate.  If you do not have one you can get it from your GP.

It is preferable for children to have their stationary on the day that they start ( lists can be obtained from the office and/or classroom teacher).  Children should have their brain food, brunch, lunch, and a drink.

F A Q’s

What are the school hours?

School starts at 8.55am.   Interval is at 11am to 11.30am.  Lunchtime is 1.00pm to 1.50pm. School finishes at 3.00pm

What do most child eat for lunch?

Most new entrants come to school with too much food or are too excited to eat it independently.  Try giving your child a balance of ‘healthy’ and ‘enjoyable’ snacks and include a drink of water.

The Tokomaru Store provides a Friday lunch service for children every fortnight.  Fish ‘n Chips orders can be placed at the shop the day before.  Every other Friday is “Variety Lunch”.  Pre-order forms will go home on Mondays and monies/orders can be returned to the office on Thursday morning.

What do I do if my child is sick or is going to be away?

It is important that we know if your child is sick/away.  Please phone Christine in the office by 9.15am.  Before 8.30am please leave a message on the answer phone or you can Txt or email (our contact details are on the front page of the website). We will make contact with the parents of all unexplained absences by morning tea time.

What do I do if I have concerns about how my child is settling in to school?

Talk to the classroom teacher.  It is their job to try and make the transition as smooth as possible for children.

What do I need to bring when I enrol my child?

  • Up-to-date immunisation certificate
  • Birth certificate

What I receive at enrolment

  • Cybersafety Policy and User Agreement
  • Stationery list
  • School Sunhat (Term One/Four)



Information Booklet 2016