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Dear parent/caregiver,

Our school is working towards becoming more healthy and sustainable.  We have made a great start with becoming ‘water and milk-only’, having compost collections in each room and recycling paper/plastic/glass throughout the school.  We also reuse or repurpose what we can. (Home & School have recently bought reuseable plastic bowls and cups for Variety lunches in order to minimise the wastage and cost of throw-away items).  This has had a positive impact in reducing the amount of rubbish we have to pay to get rid of.  

As our school has grown, so too has the waste from lunch boxes.  In order to reduce this (and to continue to promote healthy choices) from next term (Term 3) we will be asking children to take their food wrappers/bags/packets home in their lunchbox every day.  This will mean that you are able to see what they eat and don’t eat, as well as helping us out as a school.  If your child does not have a lunch box, they will need to bring a bag to put their food wrappers into (before putting it back in their school bag).  

How can you support us going ‘litter free’?

There are many ways that you can reduce the amount of rubbish in your child’s lunchbox:

Use reusable plastic containers

Use Beeswax food wraps

Use small plastic bags (that can be reused)  

Avoid small-portion pre-packaged items; better to buy in bulk


This fact sheet has some great information on it:



The Kidspot website also has some great tips:



We really appreciate your support as we make this important change at our school, and are keen to hear your ideas and suggestions.  Please feel free to email me.  


Sonia Mudgway 😀




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