2015 Term Dates



Teachers only day Friday 30 January


TERM ONE           (43 days) 

Start            Monday 2 February

Finish                      Thursday 2 April

Holidays                Waitangi Day Friday 6 February                  

                                     Easter Friday – 3 – all in holidays

                                     Easter Monday – 6 April

                                     Easter Tuesday – 7 April


 TERM TWO          (53 days)

 Start                            Monday 20 April

Finish                   Friday 3 July

Holiday                      ANZAC Day Monday 27 April (Mondayised)

                                         Queens Birthday Monday 1 June


TERM THREE     (49 days)

Start               Monday 20 July

Finish                           Friday 25 September

Holiday                        Friday 28 August


TERM FOUR        (47 days)

 Start                             Monday 12 October

Finish                         Wednesday 16 December

                                         Labour Day Monday 26 October

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