Dear Parents and Whanau,
Over the past two terms, staff have noticed a significant increase in scooter usage. At the end of last year, we had around 7 students with scooters. This has increased to around 17 scooters on any given day. With this increase I have also noticed an increase in skill levels and with students trying new tricks such as leg swapping , tail flicks, 180’s, 360’s, Ollie’s etc. -all manoeuvres that are aimed at improving balance and co-ordination skills.
However, to lower the risk of our students getting hurt and staying safer in the playground the following rules will be introduced from Monday.
• Helmets must be worn while riding scooters/skateboards
• Riders must ride in the designated areas
• Only one child on a scooter at a time
• Foot traffic have right of way
As a parent you can help by ensuring your son/daughter brings an appropriate helmet to school.
Once again, I would like to thank our parents for the return of the health consultation forms. Around 63% of families have returned these survey forms. Your feedback will be collated and analysed by both the BoT and Staff.
To promote positive behaviour and ensuring a consistency of students showing and living our school’s core values of excellence, honesty, respect, perseverance and responsibility, a new reward system will be introduced: The Toko Tip Top Behaviour Award. To receive an award, students must demonstrate at least 10 core values a term. Each time they demonstrate a value they may receive a green card. The goal is for student to receive at least 40 cards (all core values must be covered) by the end of the year.
Why the name Tip Top? Not only do we associate Tip Top with ice-cream but Tip Top stands for first rate, exceptional, excellence, best, and first class to name a few.
Finally, I would like to congratulate our school netball team whom won their first game of the season. When you persevere, the rewards will come.


Jared Ratana

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