Welcome to our new school year

 Tokomaru School

Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Perseverance


Dear Parents/Caregivers,

What a wonderful start to the new school year. It has been great to walk around the school, catching up with our students and hearing what they got up to over the holiday period.  On Monday’s assembly, I introduced 4 new students: Tydde (yr1), Andrew (yr1), Aidan (yr2), and Taylor (yr5).  Again, I would like to welcome them and their families to our school community.

Over the next 6 weeks our students will be involved in a unit of work teachers have called “THE RIPPLE EFFECT”.  This unit of work is based around the idea that our actions have consequences.  It is also based on the idea of building healthy and positive relationships with others.  The second half of this term, students will be involved in an inquiry unit called “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”.

KIWI KIDS CANT SWIM- studies show that 7 out of 10 students cannot swim to safe themselves.  Water Safety New Zealand’s new swimming skills national database shows only 29 per cent of 12-year-olds can swim 200m – considered the survival benchmark. Earlier surveys found a quarter of 10-year-olds can’t even float and half can’t swim 25m.

To help our students improve their swimming skills, a swimming instructor will be working with our students on Monday mornings and will be reinforced by our teachers for the rest of the week.  Our swimming instructor from the Lido Aquatic Centre will be working with our students over 6-7 weeks.

To help with your child’s education, it is important that we (teachers and parents) have a positive and productive home-school partnership.  We invite you to play a pro-active part in improving your school further and in particularly ‘keeping in touch’ with your child’s learning so that nothing is a surprise.


While Tokomaru School provides sunscreen in each class for children to use and are provide with a school hat, please ensure your child has applied sunscreen at home before they come to school.


Please ensure that your child has enough food for brunch, lunch and brainfood.  Brainfood snacks could include popcorn, small pieces of fruit or vegetables (please don’t send a whole apple as it takes a longer time to eat), unsalted nuts or seeds.  It is also important to remain hydrated throughout these summer days so your child needs a named water bottle (not juice, V drinks etc.).

 Parent help

As teachers, we appreciate all the help and support that you are to provide.  Please let our class teacher know if you would like to help out in the classroom.  This may involve listening to children read, putting readers away, mounting art work etc.

Home Reading Books

Please do not worry if the book(s) your child is reading seem “easyish”.  It should be, as we need children to read so it “sounds like talking.”  If they have to struggle with a book then this is not possible.  The book may also be from their browsing box and they may have had it before.  This is absolutely fine- any practise is good practise!  Home reading should be a fun and an enjoyable experience.


On the 13-14th March, our teachers will be holding Parent Conference.  This is an opportunity to gauge how your child is progressing and achieving and setting goals for the year. Check out the other dates and times at back of this newsletter.



Jared Ratana


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