Principal’s Pen

What a wonderful week at Tokomaru School. Last week, during Friday assembly, we officially welcomed our new students and staff members. It was also lovely to see some of our new parents enjoying their first assembly at Tokomaru School. Well done to Mikah for winning the Tinch Colouring in competition.
Politically, 2012 will be an interesting year with charter schools, class sizes, National Standards and performance pay linked to student achievement already in the spotlight. But remember “Tokomarians “, a recent New Zealand survey placed our primary school teaching profession as the third most respected in the country behind medical doctors and nurses and third in confidence rating behind the Fire Service and Police. This also fits in well with the OECD report ranking the New Zealand education system world class (Top 5 ranking).
Annual Reminders
Absences: At the end of 2011, the Ministry of Education, updated its Attendance guidelines to all schools. There are now 24 different attendance codes a teacher can input into their attendance register. For example, Present (P) now has 15 sub-code. To help with our new system please contact the school if you child will not be attending due illness etc or please inform us of any future absences.
Complaint’s Procedure: Our school’s complaints procedures are outlined in our policy folder which is freely available at the office. Any grievances should first be discussed between the parties involved with a view to solving the problem/issue. If you have any concerns, it is best to address them straight away by discussing them with your child’s teacher (or myself).
Winter Football
Last year due to poor numbers, Tokomaru School could not put together a football team; therefore, those interested in playing football had to join other teams. This year, we are very keen to re-establish our school football team. If your child is interested in playing football for the school, please complete the Expressions of interest form. PLEASE RETURN BY DUE DATE.
House Captains and School Mediators
This week students have been given the opportunity to be selected for House Captain and/or School Mediators. They have been asked to apply for the available positions by giving a short speech. I wish them all the best.
Once again, I would like to thank those parents who have helped with the trips to Te Manawa this week. Without your support, these trips could not go ahead.

Jared Ratana

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