Firstly, I would like to thank the parents who helped and supported our students with the Cluster Touch Rugby. This year, we sent a record 6 teams and without your support, this event, for Tokomaru School would not go ahead. Thank you!!
This year, a major focus is to encourage all parents to actively contribute to their child’s class or individual Blogs. This makes learning real and purposeful. It is lovely to see and hear the excitement in our children when a parent makes a comment on their child’s class or individual blogs. The comment they receive is a powerful tool in their learning. If you are not sure how to add a comment to the blogs, please see your child’s classroom teacher.
While we always endeavour to work within charter guidelines and are a committed, optimistic community, there are times when we need to call upon our ‘Concerns and Complaints’ framework. Part of this is our commitment to ensuring that these are dealt with in a professional, efficient and prompt manner. It is always appropriate to raise concerns or complaints at the earliest possible opportunity and direct them initially to the person (This of course works both ways, if for example a teacher raises a concern about a parent or indeed a student) and if appropriate take it to the next level, which is the Principal. Please take time to read the policy and procedure held in the office. As our policies and procedures are reviewed throughout the year, they will be added to our school website.
Last week, we appointed Carmen Daniela as our new School Cleaner. And Anton Williams has been appointed to the position of Caretaker. We warmly welcome them to the school.
Due to our roll growth, Tokomaru School is in the process of employing a Principal Release Teacher who will be working alongside me in Room 6. Application close next week and it is hoped that the appointed person will start at the beginning of Term 2.

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