Dear Parents,

Thank you all for the wonderful start to the new school year.  Our student, both new and old, have settled into school life and we are determined that they receive the best possible education at Tokomaru School.

To help with your child’s education, it is important that we (teachers and parents) have a positive and productive home-school partnership.  We invite you to play a pro-active part in improving your school further and in particularly ‘keeping in touch’ with your child’s learning so that nothing is a surprise.

Over the last 3 year at Tokomaru, I have noticed a marked change in the demographic make-up of our school.  Our school has become a “young” school with our Year 1-4 students making up 70% of the school.   It is important as a community that we continue to build on the progress we have already made.  

To ensure our staff continues to keep up to date with educational developments, this year there will be major focus around reading and numeracy.  The knowledge gained from this will not only benefit our teachers but also our students.  Alongside this professional develop, our ICT contract will continue.

Next week Tokomaru School will be holding a BBQ/swim evening.  This is an opportunity for families from our school to get to in an informal setting to meet our teachers, home and school members and the BOT. 



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